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Re: Things You Miss In Newcastle (or the North East)
« Reply #175 on: Thursday 13 June 2019, 08:18:17 am »
The Riverside was a little before my time but at Foundation it was Promise on the Friday, Shindig Saturday and Skool disco on the Monday. Didn't go on a Sunday  :D

Back then, late 90's early 00's we also had the infamous Thursday "tenner" nights on the boat  :kasper: It was either free drink all night or a quid each. Was full to the brim of absolute clips but was definitely fun. One night that lass off N-Trance was performing and I've never witnessed so many kick offs and fights breaking out. Seemed to be going on all night every ten minutes with lots of different groups of people. I do owe alot to the boat though, it really boosted my sexual conquest figures  O0 Rockshots and another place I forgot the name of also done the Tenner deal Thursdays. I was out in town most nights of the week with f*** all money, I miss my youth  :(

Used to do the flyers for Shindig as well.

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Re: Things You Miss In Newcastle (or the North East)
« Reply #176 on: Thursday 13 June 2019, 03:56:18 pm »
Just skimming through this thread and this is spot on, like.

Last orders at 10.50pm. Town not the same these days since extended hours were legalised.

How do you mean?

Then: You would eat. Go out into town for no later than 7pm on bus/metro together. Folks of all ages mingling. Then last bus/metro home or stay on for a Nightclub.

Now: Younger people buy cheap booze and pre-load to excess and taxi it in around 10-30-11pm at night whilst older lot go out in the afternoon and head home to beat the influx. Just find it a bit sad the growing separation of age groups. Also effecting the drinks prices as places aren’t selling anymore or probably less than they used to but having to stay open longer. Hence losing some classic pubs like Offshore. Public transport losing money also to an ever growing Taxi culture.

Must be getting old finally :lol:

I'm not really into like 'pre drinks' or whatever that my age group usually are. I get that it's a way to save money, especially for uni students, but being p*ssed before you even arrive in the town just doesn't appeal to me. Guess this is like my bar/night out taste that is much older than my age speaking here but going out like early evening in a few good bars/pubs and getting home on the bus at around midnight or 1am is usually me and my girlfriend's routine. Probably go to Simla for a curry if we're starving or McDonalds if we can't be arsed or can't afford going to Simla. Also don't think Go North East are losing too much, mind. N21 back on weekends are almost always packed.
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Re: Things You Miss In Newcastle (or the North East)
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f***ing hate being arseholed early on, like. Ruins the night. Your home stupidly early and potentially in bed by midnight. Waste.
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Re: Things You Miss In Newcastle (or the North East)
« Reply #178 on: Thursday 13 June 2019, 04:58:19 pm »
We would always go out about 9 if we’re going to town. No need for pre drinks since I can only drink about 3 pints :lol: