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Re: Christian Atsu
« Reply #1575 on: Monday 13 January 2020, 10:10:29 AM »
just put him on ignore if it bothers you man, disco ain't gonna change he's in the groove :lol:
So raise your fists and march around
Dont dare take what you need
I'll jail and bury those committed
And smother the rest in greed
Crawl with me into tomorrow
Or i'll drag you to your grave
I'm deep inside your children
They'll betray you in my name

Sleep now in the fire

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Re: Christian Atsu
« Reply #1576 on: Monday 13 January 2020, 10:28:33 AM »
Absolutely terrible footballer is championship at best probably more suited to league 1

Yeeeeeesssssssssssss. Love how much you utterly despise Atsu, Almiron, Joelinton, the vile subhuman dog ASM, Yedlin, Gayle, Perez and Rafa.

Oh just f*** off man you absolute pleb you always point this to some xenophobic or racial issue and you're absolutely f***ing wrong. What is your problem because you like to jump on everything i state and turn it into something it is not. I offer an opinion on s*** footballers and let's be honest weve had a lot lately

You must be one very insecure f***er in life because you bang on about s*** with me when you know nothing....patriot blah,  guns blah you're wrong in everything

Haven’t seen you this angry since Megan Rapinoe disrespected Big Don. #RafaOut

Cant be f***ed with your pathetic child like responses ive recently had major surgery and have more important things going on than to even justify responses to a complete weirdo who has this warped opinion of me

You dont know me or anything about me yet act the class clown with your responses and label me as some racist xenophobic trump lover

Do you actually know how f***ing wrong you are

Sorry to hear that, hope you get better soon.