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Re: The Battle for 7th
« Reply #2600 on: Friday 17 August 2012, 07:08:23 PM »
True, didn't see the full stop. But I don't know why you'd be OK with 9th/10th. It's not an issue of being entitled to a high position, but when you finish 5th (yes, surpassing expectations but still deserving to be there), having kept your squad together and made a couple of additions, then 9th/10th is surely a failure. What you do in Europe and the domestic cups could of course influence how you see that league position.

The more you think about it, the more you wonder whether there's a realistic chance of Newcastle or dare I say it Everton making a run for that 4th place. The top 2 will be the 2 Manchesters. Chelsea are likely to be 3rd IMO. But 4th... yeah, Arsenal are favourites but when you think about it - has anyone strengthened from last year?

Arsenal themselves have lost their captain who carried them last year, and possibly losing a good first-choice midfielder in Song. Spurs have lost a very good manager and replaced him with an as yet unproven manager in this league. Modric will be a massive loss for them, little doubt about that, and they start the season with a questionable strike force (or lack of). Liverpool still have plenty of s**** floating about their side with Gerrard increasingly unable to carry them.

Newcastle and Everton have kept their squads together (with the exception of us selling a potentially very good player who wasn't starting) and made a couple of additions, with one or 2 quality additions to possibly come. Of course our s**** start needs to be drastically improved but I don't think it's too out there to suggest either team could finish 4th.

Don't get me wrong, the other teams still have lots of quality players but you can be optimistic.
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Re: The Battle for 7th
« Reply #2601 on: Friday 17 August 2012, 07:14:11 PM »
Would take 7th with a good run in europe / cups right now to be honest.

This. 8th or 9th won't be too bad for our relatively small squad size and congested fixtures. Outside of ManC, ManU, Chelsea, Tottenham, Aresnal and Liverpool (who I really hope finishes below us as long as Jose and Carroll plays for them), I'd say it would be Everton/the surprise package of the year to beat us in the table if ever. Just hope it ain't the Mackems.

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Re: The Battle for 7th
« Reply #2602 on: Friday 17 August 2012, 11:11:54 PM »
Satisfied with 8-10th, and we laught at Liverpool :lol:

I would be disappointed with anything else than min top 6.

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Re: The Battle for 7th
« Reply #2603 on: Friday 17 August 2012, 11:55:32 PM »
i think this season the question will be if Chelsea can bully their way back into top 4 will arsenal drop away? Can see them going either way. I ponder if spurs will struggle without a rebuild they haven't had. Liverpool will be stronger too. I cant see us getting 4th tbh, 5th would be great, 6th fine with good cup run and 7th id start worrying about player exodus =/
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Re: The Battle for 7th
« Reply #2604 on: Saturday 18 August 2012, 12:27:21 AM »
Well, think I'll HoF this bad boy. Been some fantastic posts, Dave's graphs, Sifu's smileys immediately after Dave's graphs and many other pieces of insightful, speculative and meaningless analysis... but there can't be any other way to end it other than with this:

With all due respect, I don't particularly see you as our rivals.

But we'll see. Maybe this season things will be all shook up (uh-huh-huh).