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This was requested the other day so here we are. Please feel free to discuss any technical issues you have with the forum in here. Generally though if it's down or slow for you then it will be for everyone else.

We'll also post any known issues and updates relating to the forum in the OP of this thread.

First thing to mention is that we have finally initiated scheduled backups of the forum and database (ie all the posts, PMs etc). This was meant to be at a slightly more ridiculous hour but there's a known bug with our web hosting program so it doesn't do it as I asked. As a result, scheduled backups take place around midnight every Sunday. When this is happening, the entire domain is suspended so you will see 404 errors. This is normal, and once the backup is complete the domain will come back online. These backups are automated by the server so please don't assume that it won't happen if all Admin happen to be offline.

That's about it for now.

That would explain it then. I was getting mightily f***ed off with my computer about 40 minutes ago.

Sweet. Really was worried! Cheers Dave :thup:

Thought you'd forgot to pay the server bill, Dave. :lol:

When are you popping round next with the server donations bucket, anyway? ???

Doing alright for now, thanks both to the generous donations last time and a couple of kind souls who donate on a monthly basis. Cheers. :)


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