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Re: NOFC vs Hurricanes FC - Sat 25th [before Stoke City (h)]
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NOFC 3 : The big chinned Hurricaines 5

NOFC turned out bright and early for its third game of the 2010/2011 season. It was a bit nippy out so Chris brought it upon himself to arrange a warm up. Chris opted for the good old fashioned 'Bleep Test', much to the disgrace of Kev! After 'training' had been concluded thoughts drifted to the game ahead, by now the clock read 12.40 and there was still no referee.. As NOFC calmly knocked the ball around in the D talk drifted in to suggested penalty techniques, little did Kev know he would be awarded a penalty only 10 minutes in to the game!

A few members of the team started to wonder why Greg had launched a ball over the pitch fences and ran the long way round to collect the same.. As part of a new look design to football pitch fencing multiple gates had been installed at grounds accross the country!!

Finally kick off was upon us, fortunately team NOFC started well with some nice link up play between Chris, Pete, Number 7 and the front two, Kev and Tall Striker (Nick). NOFC dominated possession down the right flank in the early stages ultimately leading to a excellent ball in to the box. Tall Striker (Nick) brought the ball down well before he was controversially taken down. The Hurricaines had little to complain about and the referee rightly awarded a penalty. Kev swiftly collected the ball and placed it down on the penalty spot and collected his thoughts. Composure was key to provide NOFC with an early lead. Kev opted for a cheeky chip down the centre after the goalkeeper had already committed himself to his left post. Kev's goal sparked wild celebrations among the NOFC team as Kev quickly demonstrated the 'Hurricane' celebration (spin as fast as you can on the same spot).

Our lead was well protected for 15 minutes or so with some assured defending accross the back four and good takes by Greg in goal. Chris was pulling the strings in midfield working well with Pete, Number 7 and the left winger.

Typically with NOFC the wheels came off and things began to slide after the early goal. Despite assured performaces from Hezza and Chris at the back, the Hurricaines fed a quick ball through the middle which was audaciously lifted over Greg leaving him stranded. A quick second followed, despite the Hurricaines winger being blatantly offside. Rumours were rife that the lino was engaged in a match fixing scam - it was unanimously agreed that he must have been educated in the Pakistani school of sport.

Half time was upon us, fate stared down upon NOFC as though a first victory was within the realms of possibility. Despite a morale boosting team talk by Chris heads dropped after the break and NOFC conceded three in a blur. So blurry in fact that I can't recall what happened so that part of the report will have to remain lost in NOFC archives forever....

James G and Dino decided it was time to start marauding up and down the left and right flanks in attempt to win some 50/50 balls. Unfortunately the team was lacking Stu's midfield presence to win headers so the Hurricanes were often allowed easy possession from each NOFC goal kick which resulted in scraps on the flanks.

But then the comeback was on. From the off Kev launched an audacious attempt at goal which had the Hurricanes keeper scrambling. Unfortunately the beggar caught the ball and play continued. By this point James G decided it was headless chicken time and decided to sprint all over the pitch in search of the ball before realising he shoudn't have ran as far the left wing. Normality was quickly restored after some barracking by Hezza.

What happened next could only be described as Hatem Ben Arfa esque (well almost anyway). First Tall Striker had a fantastic effort cleared off the line before another NOFC player took all the plaudits. Pete had enough of playing second fiddle in midfield and switched with Kev up front. This decision paid dividends almost instantly as Pete chased down a hopeless ball, kicked the keeper until he spilled the ball and knocked it in to an empty net - 2 : 5!! it didn't end there. By this point Chris subbed himself off for (please insert name) and decided to run the line. A ball was thread through the Hurricanes defence by team NOFC and Pete calmly collected, rounded the keeper and slotted in to an empty net. For reasons unbeknown to NOFC, it's captain (now Pakistani lino) was desperately flagging Pete for offside...?!?!? Anyway, sense prevailed and the goal was allowed to stand!

The final whistle was then blown to call an end to another eventful day for the boys in black and white. Next up is the Manchester trip, can NOFC capitalise on some much improved performances? Let's hope so!!

A one sided, biased and unreflective match report brought to you by James G

Cheers James, I'll put this on the website when it's completed.