Author Topic: Fully Comp, or third party? What's YOUR story?  (Read 301 times)

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Fully Comp, or third party? What's YOUR story?
« on: Thursday 28 February 2008, 07:28:23 PM »
I've had a fun afternoon!

Most of you will know south shields funfair, (fun?) and the road which leads down to it from the Town Hall - Beach Road.  Well my mother lives there, across the road from the Marine park gates at the top of the bank.

Young Bendridge and myself had been showing our faces, having parked the car facing uphill on the housing side of the road, right outside the door.

Upon leaving the sows' abode, I noticed straight away, the car seemed not to be there!!

"Thats funny?"  I thought
"My mam doesn't live in Meadowell! Yet my car seems not to be where I parked it!"

Initial instinct is to look about, and see if you put it somwhere for safe keeping.  I looked left, nothing, I looked right - "HELLO!"

There's my car, 20 yards down the bank, having rolled down the street,  ACROSS THE ROAD, mounted the pavement, and ploughed into the parks' wrought iron perimeter.

'Tis a miracle another car didn't hit it, or a pedestrian was killed

By the time I got there, 2 filth transportation units had arrived, whereupon, I showed them that the handbrake was applied, and said that i always leave Colin in gear, but not this time!

All they did was check I was the owner, and they were away!!   :kasper:  (must have nice face or summit)

There is only minimal damage to the rear bump protection device!. So if anyone fancies crashing their car into a perimeter housing, may I suggest a Fiat Punto!!

Anyone else got a car related bedtime story?  Maybe a funny one?