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The new economy
« on: Sunday 23 September 2007, 10:31:20 AM »
Forget sterling, forget gold or diamonds, heres where the new money is at:

Mervyn King is rumoured to have come up with an ingenious suggestion as to how to protect savers from inflation. "Simple really" he muttered to a friend "buy mars bars. You see Its a well established fact that mars bars have always moved in line with inflation. I mean lets face it if you put your money in the bank you get a poor rate of interest and its taxed at that. No I think this is a very good idea. Mars bars could be used as currency they must manufacture billions of them worldwide. I mean we are a health conscious nation now so if we all stopped eating them we could use them for our currency and trade in Mars bars on the commodities market".


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Re: The new economy
« Reply #1 on: Sunday 23 September 2007, 05:48:23 PM »
For many years the Economist used Mars Bars to test for inflation - then they moved to their Big Mac index to cover exchange rates - now its a well known economic measure TBH
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