Author Topic: "Hi, I'm a New User, Why Can't I Start a New Thread in the Football Section?"  (Read 17306 times)

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If you've just recently signed up, you may be wondering why you're currently incapable of starting a new thread in the football section of this forum. For enlightenment, please follow the link below:

In summary, posting new topics in the football section is disabled to any user who has not made 100 posts on the forum. This is basically because we have had issues in the past with new users registering with us, then, to put it bluntly, posting crap (or worse, posting crap that's already been posted in the past, that they didn't bother to search for first).

So to clarify, you will need to make 100 posts before you can start a new thread in the football section of this forum. Note that this does not mean that you should spam the forum with nonsense to increase your post count, as we will simply reset your tally as a result. If you persist in doing this you will be in breach of the "Making Non-Contributive Posts" rule, and will either be deleted or banned, at the discretion of the moderating team. Also note that this rule ONLY applies to the football section; you will still be able to post new threads in General Chat etc.

If you need further information on this rule, or if you have any questions, please PM or e-mail a forum administrator.
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