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General Posting Guidelines
« on: Saturday 22 April 2006, 07:12:24 PM »
The moderation team is here to keep the forums safe, sane, and secure. The forum rules are here to help us do that, and to ensure that these forums are of the highest quality.  Read them.  Know them.  Please do not try to cleverly circumvent them.

Note that repeated ignorance towards ANY individual rule can (and will) result in a permanent ban, at the discretion of the moderation team.

General Posting Guidelines

Duplicate threads: Before you start a thread, please use the forum's search facility to make sure the content of your post is not already covered in another thread.

Correct forum: Please try to be sure you post any new threads you start in the correct forum. If you're not sure where you're thread should go, check with a moderator.

One Liners: When starting a thread, please refrain from using one liners. If you're posting an article or image from another website, please include a link to the source. Also, when posting an article or image, try to stick a few lines underneath to start up the discussion.

Anonymous Sourcing: As said above; please don't do this. If you copy and paste from a source, please provide a link. Please don't copy and paste from subscription sites, you might get us in trouble.

Headline spin: Please try and make thread titles as descriptive as possible of the thread's actual content.

Posting 'pointless' threads: Please don't spam the NUFC Forum with pointless threads, which contribute absolutely nothing to the forum whatsoever, or are started with the specific purpose of winding other users up. These will be summarily closed, unless they are very, very funny.

See the link below for further information on this rule:

News Articles: When posting a link to an online news story, please post the text as well.  This is convenient for everyone, and helps those who have certain sites blocked from their servers for whatever reason.

Avatars/Signatures: Please respect others by refraining from the use of offensive or inappropriate images as your avatar and/or signature. This includes use of swearing which bypasses the forum swear filter. If inappropriate images are noted by the Admin team they will be removed.

So what are the roles of a Forum Moderator?

The Moderators keep control of the various forums. They can edit posts, edit User Accounts, ban members, move / delete / lock or unlock topics - as they see fit or if those topics or users contravene the forum guidelines.

Moderators are there to ensure that a member doesn't misbehave whilst he or she is on the forum, ensuring a comfortable and pleasant environment for the other members.

What If I Get Banned?
If you break one of the forum rules, your name will appear in the "House of the Banned" forum followed by the rule you broke and a link to the post(s) in question. This is done so users can see exactly what constitutes a violation of the rules.  We will do our best to leave the guesswork out of our moderation, so everyone will know exactly how far is too far.

Multiple Bannings
Please be aware that users who are banned more than 3 times will have their ban length DOUBLED for any future occurrences and again once more.  After that an IP ban will be introduced, depending on the ban. 

Please also be aware, if your account is not used for 150 days or more, it is at risk of being deleted.  This is to make sure we don't have an exaggerated member list. 

We hope these rules and guidelines make the forums a more enjoyable place for everyone.


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