Author Topic: Bloody mp3 question??  (Read 619 times)

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Bloody mp3 question??
« on: Saturday 17 February 2007, 12:36:15 PM »
I've just installed Doppler software to podcast a radio 5 programme. I have downloaded and saved a Dreamweaver document about the cricket but when I right click on the document to "Save Target As" it is not showing my MP3 player as available to store it on.
The radio 5 website is also telling me to "feed" a webaddress in to my podcast software ie Doppler - to transfer programmes. How do I do this?

I've just re read the above and I divn't think I know what am gan on about :cheesy:,  been slavverring on with this for a couple of weeks noo!
Gaa'n oot me heed!!!!