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Poker games in Newcastle
« on: Monday 23 October 2006, 12:30:31 PM »
Anyone out there know of where a chap can play some Texas Hold'em poker in Newcastle? Not the likes of the Grosvenor or Apser's but preferably something like a club/pub/backroom/underground type of venue. Something sort of 'illegal'.  Played at the Seahorse (Whitley Bay - Hillshead) on Friday night and 80 chaps played that night. Something similar would be good.
Anyone know of anywhere. No need to supply shotgun.
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Re: Poker games in Newcastle
« Reply #1 on: Monday 23 October 2006, 01:43:06 PM »
Asper's does three card poker anyways, haven't seen Texas there, Omaha beats it.

Organise a seedy game at your local or something. Lock in.