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[14 DAY BAN] - Posting of Copyrighted Material (Clips, Streams etc)
« on: Saturday 22 April 2006, 07:08:41 PM »
The following things MUST NOT be posted on the forum at any time.

- Video compilations
- Anything illegitimately ripped from NUFC TV
- Copyrighted images
- Paywall articles
- Unofficial goal clips/highlights/football clips from YouTube, Twitter and the like (this includes obvious workarounds such as converting clips to gif files, using gifs for your avatar etc)
- Full match torrents/downloads
- Illegal live match streams
- Requests for any of the above things, including asking for PMs

Breaking of this rule can result in the forum being shut down, and will result in an immediate 2 week ban.

- Fan-filmed videos and stuff from official YouTube channels and Twitter accounts is fine

Due to the nature of this rule, please do NOT attempt to find and/or use loopholes without the permission of the moderating team, as this will also result in a ban.

Following EU court rulings, fixture lists are no longer part of the above. See the following thread for details:,93260.0.html
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