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Re: West Ham 2 - 3(!) Newcastle United - 02/11/19
« Reply #275 on: Monday 4 November 2019, 11:02:13 AM »
It's not really anything to do with Bruce personally for me. Just the transition from Rafa was the final proof that the club don't care about achievement. Obviously we knew that already, but we could pretend for a bit under Rafa.

I don't think it was just a case of pretending. With Rafa we had a crucial and powerful force within the club fighting against that current, that gave us a hope and a stake.

This is it for me as well. When Rafa was here I knew he would fight for the sporting side of club with tooth and nail, he understood the fans and had the necessary leverage to force Ashley to go against his will. With the way he saved the club and built a bridge between the club and fans again I thought there was no way Ashley would be so stupid to gamble on not retaining him and eventually cave in to Rafas demands re: training facilities and transfer policy but for the umpteenth time I underestimated his ego.

If Rafa couldn't force a change with the leverage and support within the club he had then nobody can. It has to be us fans that does it, and the only way to do it is to abandon the club until he hasn't got a choice but sell. Good results are only hindering the progress of the club so I'm just annoyed when we win or draw.

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Spot on, within the club there's only 2 people that can try and force Ashley on footballing matters, the manager and the MD and both are slimy arselick shills now. I always want the team to win but it'll get us nowhere and achieve nothing so it's pointless.
What is a club in any case? Not the buildings or the directors or the people who are paid to represent it. It’s not the television contracts, get-out clauses, marketing departments or executive boxes. It’s the noise, the passion, the feeling of belonging, the pride in your city. It’s a small boy clambering up stadium steps for the very first time, gripping his father’s hand, gawping at that hallowed stretch of turf beneath him and, without being able to do a thing about it, falling in love.

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Re: West Ham 2 - 3(!) Newcastle United - 02/11/19
« Reply #276 on: Monday 4 November 2019, 11:55:57 AM »
I agree with all that, but we were pretending that we could be a normal club. We knew that Rafa would be restricted and eventually forced out.

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Re: West Ham 2 - 3(!) Newcastle United - 02/11/19
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I think any team would have looked good against that West Ham team on Saturday.  Probably the worst 'hammers' performance I have ever seen. I never rated Pellegrini when he was at Man City and he's done nothing to change my opinion.
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