Will we sign another player this summer?

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Re: Newcastle United transfer rumours
« Reply #10050 on: Friday 9 August 2019, 03:57:04 pm »
No transfer windows would be horrific. Constantly in danger of losing your players, no time to really settle. Nah, thank god for windows.

Yep, leave as it is (but push back to August 31st in line with the rest of Europe).

I can understand why it is the start of the season so you can prepare the squad you have and know you won't lose any players 2 weeks into the season, but it is totally pointless if everyone else stays at 31 August.

Not all leagues start as early as ours so don’t see why they should change either. Also handicaps us with the likes of Lazaar & Saivet and puts us over a barrel. We’re getting together 25 senior players for our deadline, with no intention of using those two.

Clubs who have another couple of weeks and in less rush will see they aren’t registered and can offer less than their value or a lower wage contribution, etc due to the alternative being we’re paying a full wage for nothing basically.

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Re: Newcastle United transfer rumours
« Reply #10051 on: Friday 9 August 2019, 03:59:15 pm »
The PL window closing when it does makes no sense at all

I'm of the opinion they should just scrap the windows all together and go back to the old system of buying people whenever. Stops all the panic buying and overspending.

f***ing hell. Imagine constant, year round transfer speculation all over the media.

Can't think of anything worse.

 They need to introduce a manager/coach window imo, preferably for the entire season.
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