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Re: On this day...
« Reply #400 on: Sunday 15 September 2019, 11:10:30 pm »
I’ll throw the 2002 FA Cup in there though. We probably should have beaten Arsenal at home before they tanked us in the replay. It would have been Boro in the Semi then Chelsea who we’d finished higher than in the table in the Final.

Yeah I think about that one.

Also went into the two FA Cup finals thinking we didn't have much chance - then again, it was just one game away.

For me the Chelsea semi final's the closest. A game we were right in, and win that and we're favourites for the final.

The 97 runner up place wasn't so far off either, though it felt a lot different to 96. But that's just a few stupid draws/defeats off.

I get so frustrated thinking about how none of the times we got to finals or semi finals were at our best (either KK or Bobby best).

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Re: On this day...
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Chelsea semi was so frustrating, felt we were the better team.