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Chat / Re: Still not worthy of a thread - General Chat edition
« Last post by Rafalove on Today at 02:30:48 PM »
f***ing hell  :lol:
Football / Re: Takeover Thread
« Last post by jackyboy on Today at 02:30:01 PM »
I have supported this club for 70 years been through lots of highs and lows.  I lived for the results, giving me such a lift and great feeling when we won and absolutely choked when we lost.  Rafa gave me such great hope and he was so respected.  It was sad but predictable when he left but I still lived in hope.  The appointment of Bruce, who I have never ever had any respect for just sickened me.

The takeover talk kept me going just thinking of what could be but that seems to have gone.

The only pleasure I get now is when we lose, the bigger the margin the better.  Not because of the players but because of what my club has become and worst of all, being lead (not managed or coached) by Steve Bruce, one of the biggest frauds and snakes in football
Football / Re: Wolves vs Newcastle United - 25/10/20 @16:30 - Live on Sky
« Last post by Disco on Today at 02:29:57 PM »
I’m a little worried at how close this game is to bonfire night.

Painful flashbacks for Mrs Fireworks Face?
I’m a little worried at how close this game is to bonfire night.
Football / Re: The other games today 2020/21
« Last post by Dr.Spaceman on Today at 02:29:04 PM »
They're going to need to sign loads of players in the next 3 - 4 years as well when all their 28 - 30 year old first teamers start disappearing. Good luck replacing all of Salah, Mane, Wijnaldum, Henderson, Thiago, VVD and Firmino within a few years of each other if you can't compete with the likes of Man City.
Football / Re: The other games today 2020/21
« Last post by triggs on Today at 02:28:39 PM »
I think we'd be fuming if a Sunderland player made a joke like that about our best player getting injured by one of their players in a horrible challenge mind :lol:

I enjoy it though cos its Liverpool
Chat / Re: Brexit 2: Brexit Harder
« Last post by mrmojorisin75 on Today at 02:27:42 PM »
So, see this Tory narrative of the EU being unreasonable in trade talks etc. - is there a breakdown of what this actually entails and the truth of it anywhere? Obviously the Tories they wheel out never explain why this is in detail.

Why wouldn't the EU give us a "Canada style deal" unless we wanted something included that doesn't already exist in the current Canada deal?

Is that about the size of it, we're still wanting our cake and to eat it?

I would be amazed if it was anything else.

I don't think I've seen them report from the talks without some amount of 'spin' going on.
Apparently there'll be many more jobs, increased wages and more housing.
Otherwise what was the point?

Idk man, I'm kind of so sick of it all. I'm just interested to see if they're just outright lying as I expect or if there's some basis to it.

I keep hearing bits about "fishing" but what could the problem be there? The EU can't expect to demand anything wrt our waters and us vice versa, so what's the issue, tariffs?

Also the level playing field was agreed to afaik so we can't be trying to renege on that.

Guess the devil might be in the detail and nuances but should that be enough for this latest tantrum?
Of course they can. If we want a particular kind of free trade access then we'll have to give in other ways, ie fishing rights. 8f not then they'll alter the kind of free trade deal they'll allow.

Give and take on both sides but the side with the stronger hand can make the stronger demands.

Sorry you're right yeah, I worded that badly.
Chat / Re: COVID-19
« Last post by Jackie Broon on Today at 02:25:03 PM »
I'd imagine that 'roid use, and its potential impact on heart health, increased risk of blood clots etc. could potentially have been a contributory factor. 
Football / Re: Steve 'work in progress' Bruce
« Last post by Shearergol on Today at 02:21:46 PM »
Once Dummett, Ritchie and Carroll are back in the side the diehards will be happy again.
Football / Re: The other games today 2020/21
« Last post by joeyt on Today at 02:21:12 PM »
I know it's not VvD but you'd think he'd died the way people are going on. And I despise Pickford as much as anyone, some of the discourse has been embarrassing.

Aye it's been daft. I suppose it's partially because they're both such high profile players and Pickford has been (rightly or wrongly) closely scrutinised for a little while now.

Also Liverpool fans are very sensitive
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