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Chat / Re: Some More Vaguely Amusing Internet Jocularity
« Last Post by Yorkie on Today at 12:14:09 am »
Brilliant, that. :lol:
Football / Re: Steve Bruce
« Last Post by D. Yimentov on Today at 12:12:53 am »
I expect he'll have drowned his sorrows at The Diamond today, Sunday lunch with four gravy boats and fawa or five bottles of Newcastle Broon (what Geordies drink).
Or maybe he has taken time to reflect and think about a way to improve his performance. You know like most of us do when things aren't working.

Just saying, like

I much prefer sandpit hopping God-botherer Jonathan Edwards. Hell, even mackem Carlos Edwards is streets ahead.
He's seen the light and renounced religion about 5 years ago to be fair
who the f is Luke!

Luke Pritchard. He was the singer in The Kooks. They had a song about Steve Bruce back in the day.
Football / Re: Mike Ashley
« Last Post by Stifleaay on Today at 12:00:09 am »
Unfortunately this is a common view of people who watched it. Lots of blaming the workers for being lazy, and saying all he did was run a business well.

In all honesty the documentary could have been harder hitting, it could have mentioned and highlighted the ambulances called to the distribution centre for exhausted staff, the woman who had to give birth in the toilets. The people who are dropped at a drop of the hat. They could have gone into more details about his running of NUFC, instead of it easily being passed off as our fans being demanding.
It could have been harder hitting and should have, but hopefully it’s a sign of the media and everyone else getting sick of him.
I also have to say that I the government are going to use him as a fall guy. He’s buying all these companies and letting them either go bust or essentially asset stripping them, moving staff on poor SD contracts etc. The government will soon blame him for job losses for failing to turn the businesses around, and the failing high street. It will mean the government has longer to act before they have to intervene with tax breaks or grants for brick and mortar retailers, toughing tax laws of internet sales, and tackling unemployment.
Chat / Re: NBA 2019-20 - Vote KaKa worst poster
« Last Post by KaKa on Yesterday at 11:56:25 pm »
Dwight back to the Lakers after Cousins' ACL tear!

Football / Re: Steve Bruce
« Last Post by Mattoon on Yesterday at 11:52:48 pm »
Sorry if all this has already been posted:

"We simply weren't good enough - with it or without the ball - and certainly without the ball we didn't do enough, the basics to stop Norwich enjoying their afternoon and if you do that against a very, very decent football team like they are, then you are going to become unstuck like we were."

How could we possibly compete against the mighty Norwich?

"I think at times like today you need an inquest but certainly in the next 24 and 48 hours there will be an inquest and what we can do better," he added.

Inquests now too? Should have stuck with the back to basics and saved the inquest for next week's drubbing, halcyon days indeed.
Football / Re: List of 'incidents' from Brucey and the regime
« Last Post by TwoForJoy on Yesterday at 11:48:30 pm »
He's gone from "I can't question the desire. Nobody was not trying" to "I can't forgive a performance where basically you don't put your boots on" in 24 hours
Football / Re: Fantasy Premier League 2019/20
« Last Post by ElDiablo on Yesterday at 11:46:59 pm »
Rage used my wildcard already. Oops.
Football / Re: Lee Charnley
« Last Post by Mattoon on Yesterday at 11:44:05 pm »
Who is the other baldy b****** sat next to Charnley is that his hired goon to stop the awful fans giving him s***

This c*** should be abused in the same way the west ham fans got to the dildo brothers

Mike Ehrmantraut?
Football / Re: Steve Bruce
« Last Post by Mattoon on Yesterday at 11:40:26 pm »
From the Chron today:

The players were back in for training on Sunday as Bruce drove home the importance of doing the basics right again.

Ok, who had "back to basics?" I'm sure that's a PFM house in just 2 matches, new record?
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