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Football / Re: Steve Bruce
« Last post by Tsunami on Today at 11:07:32 AM »
What exactly is it, other than taking the job (which he was always going to do) and not being Rafa, that Bruce has done wrong? I’ve never rated him and he’s a Geordie only when it suits but he’s doing better than expected.

He’s tried 4 at the back and reverted back after 1 game, he’s been tactically shown up a couple of times but he’s also got every player putting their all in, they’re disciplined and organised. It can quickly go to s*** once a manager leaves but that hasn’t happened, we’re currently operating with a different and weaker back 5 to last year and we’ve lost Perez and Rondon.

From the outside looking in you can understand the praise he’s getting and frankly some of the criticism he gets on here is simply not warranted. Having a cabbage face, looking like a tramp and using Rafa’s tactics are not valid, the squad was assembled for the tactics being used and if we still had Rondon we’d be a good few points ahead of where we are.

It will turn to s***, either the players will lose the drills put into them by Rafa or Bruce (the club) will buy the wrong players or probably a combination of both but for now Bruce is doing fine.

This doesn’t mean that a majority of fans are complicit or supportive of Ashley, some will be, others are simply looking at how the team are doing.

Ashley is the disease, get him out, we could do the double and most fans would want him out. Attendances are down the atmosphere is non existent so Ashley knows the score. He’ll only ever go on his terms and so far he’s been getting a far too easy a ride.

The manager and team should be looked at and commented upon judged on what they are doing on the pitch, the club on the other hand should be judged on the owner and the one constant there is that he’s a t***, always will be and he’ll never let the club be the best version of itself. It frustrates the hell out of me that people say, yes but Bruce is the face of Ashley, no he’s not, he’s a manager trying to do his best and getting pelters for it. Where’s Ashley Out, where’s the protests against the owner for what he’s really doing? He let Rafa go, he’s a proven liar, he’ll not invest in improving infrastructure, he’s selling land and he’s ambition for the team is to avoid relegation.

Bruce - yeah he’s the problem.
I think the frustrating thing for me is how we use the ball when we have it. Okay we want to play deep and that's fine if we do and we don't have much possession, but when we have the ball can we at least look like a professional outfit please?

We literally cannot play simple passes into players' feet as a team, whether we are under pressure or not. There is no movement and no patience whatsoever, within a moment's notice they just punt it forward to a forward who has no support around him, because both Almiron and ASM are out wide, despite the fact we are using wingbacks. Can they both not tuck in a bit and play off of Joelinton like Perez and Almiron did last season.

We need to tweak these things and we could be so much better and more dangerous as a team.
Southampton are f***ing dreadful, we will win this

I think from 9th down to 18th the teams are actually pretty even, depends on how they turn up on the day.
How many of those are on target?
Football / Re: Steve Bruce
« Last post by samptime29 on Today at 11:04:54 AM »
Not heard any "pity me" interviews recently which is better. They were annoying.

Surprisingly we have 12.43 shots on average per home match - thought it would be lower.
Football / Re: Steve Bruce
« Last post by Kanji on Today at 11:01:49 AM »
:thup: spot on ManDoon
Chat / Re: Elon Musk
« Last post by Si on Today at 11:01:11 AM »
It's mad as at the time he quantified his remarks, it wasn't a one time thing.
I’ve never really cared about playing style. It’s always a results thing for me. If the team is set out to play a certain way, I’m more impressed with the execution of the tactics. Whatever they are.

Well, to an extent.

Our home record shows an average of 28.2%, the lowest of any premier league club. Chelsea have 65.8%.
Damn, we're just so good we don't even need the ball.
What dross do we put up with?

Our average home possession is 40% not 28.2%.
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