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1) stop playing him as Rondon
2) get him 2 wingers or 2 floating attacking midfielders who can interplay with him higher up the pitch
3) if playing a counter game, then get get more people bombing up the pitch in these scenarios
4) get some decent service to him
5) don't set a formation up to leave him isolated

f***ing simple s*** really.
Yeah but you are using a type of tactics there. Simply wont compute.
Football / Re: Joelinton - injured hip and being sent for x-ray and scan
« Last Post by Sean on Today at 02:50:50 am »
Sure he will be fit, looked like a total bottle job.

Yep, looks to have a heart the size of a pea.

Hate s*** like this. Perhaps he's just a professional being managed by utter f***ing morons and thinks he shouldn't bother trying too hard when he's being hung out to dry by said morons.

2 games is not enough to decide he doesn't have heart.

Looks to, not definitely does have. Hate s*** like people not reading posts properly.
Football / Re: (Other clubs') Transfers
« Last Post by leffe186 on Today at 02:24:57 am »
Is it just me then that thinks Coutinho will be back to his at Bayern? I can see 120m being a good price for him come the end of the season.

I  don't know if it possibly can be. I mean, there are literally only three players in the entire history of the universe who have gone for more, and Bayern have only ever spent more than 45M Euro on one player - Lucas Hernandez.
Chat / Re: UFC - McGregor retires, accused of sexual assault
« Last Post by leffe186 on Today at 02:19:21 am »
f***ing mint - everyone in Cleveland is made up.
Chat / Re: UK Politics: The Tory Years 2.0
« Last Post by Troll on Today at 02:16:45 am »
Why did the Tories pick now to come up with it?  Terrible timing from them considering they have no majority and might have to fight a snap election soon.  This f***s over almost every single voter.
Football / Re: The other games today 2019/20
« Last Post by leffe186 on Today at 02:15:12 am »
I really can’t remember ever giving less of a s*** abut football than this season :lol:. Didn’t realize this game was on until browsing the BBC.

Jesus and that's as a fan of a club who are going places too. Imagine how we feel  :lol:

Personally I still love it as a neutral and from a fpl perspective

I've avoided posting too much about it on here because I was worried I'd overstep the mark. Obviously I've become pretty disillusioned with many aspects of the game, despite my own team being on the up and up. My wife's a Villa fan, and I've had similar conversations with Villa fans, but many of them are suddenly back engaged because their team are not as s****, got promoted, and have spent money. I mean, I get it, but it doesn't change the underlying problems, and it rather suggests that the real season they became disillusioned with football was just that their team were s**** at it.

Which brings me here, I guess. I didn't post too much about it because I suspect I was concerned I was being a self-righteous b****** who felt walking away while we were good was somehow more meaningful than, say, walking away while Mike Ashley systemically destroys your club. I don't want to be like that. Someone did say essentially "cry me a river", but I truly am sad that the sport I love has come to this. I can't be neutral because I've been a fan for 40+ years - there is no neutral :lol:. I still wanted Man U to get stuffed tonight, as soon as I realized they were playing.

Anyway, that's my slightly sad rant over, just got off work and going to see if an IPA helps :lol:.
Football / Re: Still not worthy of a thread
« Last Post by tgarve on Today at 02:02:25 am »
Has anyone subscribed to the Athletic yet?

Yes you can get a free trial.

It’s alright, decent reports, doubt I would pay a tenner a month though

£2.50 a month with the deal. It's 100% worth it.

There a link for that deal?

How do you get 2.50 a month after a trial?

Is that paid in one lump?
Chat / Re: Film You Recently Watched
« Last Post by godzilla on Today at 01:38:16 am »
Saw Once Upon A Time in Hollywood today.

So much meh. Next to nowt happens - don't bother!


If you have ever seen the spoof Roman Polanski film Dance of the Vampires (USA title Fearless Vampire Killers) she is in that, a favourite of mine in my early years. If I remember rightly she was being tipped to be a biggish star before the events occurred.
Football / Re: The other games today 2019/20
« Last Post by nemtizz on Today at 01:16:25 am »
Big fan of James during the penalty incident.
If centre-forward is not his position then he’s f***ed, because that’s clearly how the club sees him.

Where do people think he should be playing? Andy Brassel said he thinks he could be the Brazilian number 9 in a couple of years FWIW.

In all fairness that useless c*** City had Jo was Brazils number 9 so not hard to really become that
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