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Chat / Re: UK Politics - Generation Tory
« Last post by mrmojorisin75 on Today at 03:28:04 PM »
If you want to blame the media then dont bother fighting the next election as it ain't going to change. Even on live programmes the Labour representative allowed themselves to be bullied and were even sometimes complicit in the narrative (the crash was Labours fault etc). The message too often opaque and scatter gun and lacked passion, I heard better and more convincing arguments in our mess room than were made by many Labour reps. From what I saw only Barry Gardiner put up much of a fight.

For me they need to go on the attack the moment the next leader is confirmed. At any time, during any interview with whoever if lies or mistruths are told they need to drill down on it until they get an acceptance of what happened. Don't allow things to move on.

The last few years has proven that repetition works on people, if they see 5 years of labour relentlessly calling out bullshit they'll get it.

We can't appease these people any more, it doesn't work.
Couldnt agree more. Also use simple tactics with presenters ie dont but in on others then ask the presenter/moderator "are you going to stop this that's the third time you e allowed them to to shout all over others" it works on the presenter and those watching and starts getting others to do what you say. (Like a referee walking away then telling a player to come to them, it breeds compliance)

Bang on. Can't see it mind.
Details of that leaked Trevorrow script for ep9 seemed shitter than what came out somehow.
Football / Re: Mike Ashley
« Last post by Stifleaay on Today at 03:22:10 PM »
Flannels have probably bought a load of Barbour stuff at cost price with the advertising at NUFC thrown in.
Mike/SD will be making something out of it, not NUFC.
Football / Re: Mike Ashley
« Last post by Ameritoon on Today at 03:13:44 PM »
TBH it's just nice to not have SD plastered on something for a change.

Yeah, I hate how refreshing it is to see a splash of ads without SD, but it feels nice
Football / Re: Allan Saint-Maximin
« Last post by Dr.Spaceman on Today at 03:00:26 PM »
He'll probably post something like that after we've lost a semi-final and the media will go on like he hates the club. It's how it works.

Imagine us getting to a semi-final :lol:
Chat / Re: Cricket
« Last post by samptime29 on Today at 02:50:30 PM »
Why did I not know before today that Wood supports Wimbledon?

Same here  :lol:
Chat / Re: Daft Questions Thread
« Last post by Wullie on Today at 02:48:30 PM »
"Baby on board, something something, Burt Ward. This thing writes itself!"
Football / Re: Newcastle United transfer rumours
« Last post by Kanji on Today at 02:42:01 PM »
Willems                                  Lazaro
           Lejeune Lascelles Schar
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