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Title: [2 DAY BAN] - Posting in "txt" Speak, All Capitals or Bold etc
Post by: Andy on Saturday 22 April 2006, 07:11:33 PM
This is an internet forum, not a mobile phone. We do not have a limit on the amount of characters you can type in a post, and thus posting in abbreviated "txt" speak is not required, nor permitted. A decent level of correct grammar is expected and appreciated from all members of the forum.

An example of what we consider to be "txt speak" would be using "r u goin 2 the gme 2nite", where "Are you going to the game tonight?" would be more appropriate. Widely used internet abbreviations such as "LOL", "ROTFL", "IMO" and "IIRC" are not subject to this rule.

Finally, do not post entirely in capital letters, bold or overly-large font sizes, as these are highly annoying.

If you break any of these rules continuously, you will be banned for 2 days.