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Chat / Re: NBA 2017-18
« Last Post by wormy on Today at 07:36:21 AM »
I'll give you PJ Tucker.
Chat / Re: Cricket
« Last Post by Andymc1 on Today at 07:22:02 AM »
Just retire Alastair.  You're finished.

Can't agree with this. No chance he is all of a sudden a bad player. he will come back and prove his critics wrong as he has done many times in his career.
Football / Re: Mikel Merino
« Last Post by mrmojorisin75 on Today at 07:19:08 AM »
Was excellent today, he's the player arsenal thought Xhaka was presumably
Xhaka's probably better like
Xhaka is awful
Football / Re: Takeover Thread
« Last Post by mrmojorisin75 on Today at 07:18:16 AM »
Still think that curry night was the sealing of the deal, like. It fits too well with everything we know about how Ashley does business. With the amount of journalists that reported the 'agreement' at the same time, there's no way that wasn't put out by the club. Assuming Rafa's line of not knowing how much he has to spend is to attempt to protect us from being fleeced during negotiations.
It does seem very strange that they'd walk out of that meeting without either calling the whole thing off or being very, very close to accept agreement.

Ashley is a f***ing spiteful lunatic if he let's this bid pass and then doesn't spend money in January.
Chat / Re: Cricket
« Last Post by Newintoon on Today at 06:48:39 AM »
Root gone, shambles
Chat / Re: Cover versions: Different and decent
« Last Post by cubaricho on Today at 06:38:38 AM »

(one of these dudes are from Newcastle)
« Last Post by loki679 on Today at 06:30:33 AM »
Isn't Benevento where Lazaar buggered off to?
Chat / Re: Cricket
« Last Post by neesy111 on Today at 06:13:09 AM »
Just retire Alastair.  You're finished.
Football / Re: Fantasy Premier League 2017/18
« Last Post by KaKa on Today at 06:11:13 AM »
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