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Football / Re: Non-NUFC midfielder discussion not in the press
« Last Post by Ketsbaia on Today at 11:46:33 PM »
Always buy N'Diaye on FM17, box-to-box midfielder. ITK.
Chat / Re: People I avoid include:
« Last Post by Stifler on Today at 11:46:29 PM »
Managers that ask you to do stuff that they can't
Extend that to 'too lazy to do themselves' then that accounts for 99.9% of managers.
It's been said that the greatest managers are not people who desire to become a manager, but people who feel they need to be one because no one else is good enough. I think it's one of the truest words spoken about managers, especially middle management.
Football / Re: Non-NUFC midfielder discussion not in the press
« Last Post by neesy111 on Today at 11:45:19 PM »
What is happening?
Football / Re: Non-NUFC midfielder discussion not in the press
« Last Post by Altamullan on Today at 11:42:18 PM »

What sort of player is he? DM?

Rumour re Ndiaye (26), to us or West Ham. He plays attacking (mainly),  defensive (25% of time) and centre mid (occasionally) for Osmanlispor. list his strengths as dribbling and tackling, scored 7 goals, plus few assists. Rated 12 best (all positions) in Turkish league on their stats system (7.2/10 average rating); which if it means anything is probably better than it sounds given he plays for a poor side. Seems an all rounder, but hardly a signing (if it happens) that will get pulses racing.
Football / Re: Non-NUFC midfielder discussion not in the press
« Last Post by Ronaldo on Today at 11:39:41 PM »
Jack Wilshire isn't the kind of signing I would want here given his fitness and attitude. But if it was the end of Colback forever, I could totally live with it.

They play completely different roles, especially in a hypothetical system of Rafa's.

When we buy a pure and proven defensive midfielder it'll be the end of Colback, and obviously it can't come soon enough. Not because I like the role fwiw, in fact it's a bit of a pet hate. But Rafa will always play one or two of them in his midfield.
Chat / Re: Your Pet Hates
« Last Post by joeyt on Today at 11:37:07 PM »
Some of these job match search engines are absolutely dire.  I'm developer and got matched with a f***ing legal job.
One of my mates did a History postgraduate degree and the first job he got matched with after graduating on a job site was the Brentford reserves physio vacancy
Football / Re: General NUFC Thread
« Last Post by Ian W on Today at 11:32:14 PM »
I feel like I'm fairly loyal and go to quite a few games, and have done for years, but I still have almost no loyalty points. I don't have a fairer system like, but I do find it a pain that it's impossible to buy tickets.

If you don't have a season ticket you'll have 0 loyalty points, no? Or do you keep them as a member? Know mine all got obliterated when I sacked it in for a season.

Haven't a clue how it works, sure I had some at some point in the past but might well be zero now.
Chat / Re: Your Pet Hates
« Last Post by Segun Oluwaniyi on Today at 11:30:40 PM »
Plane travel with my family has been hellish. We have been doing quite a bit of it recently, and my two year old son is seemingly on a God-given mission to break/throw random objects, accost random members of the local citizenry, and generally be disruptive. The close quarters of the plane only exacerbate these issues. The twenty-five year old woman who birthed him has also been a liability on these trips, who has been too busy with sleeping for the entirety of the flight to deal with the madness taking place directly next to her.

Generally, I quite enjoy flying, but the two of them have greatly increased my stress levels. :lol:
Chat / Re: UK Politics: The Tory Years 2.0
« Last Post by Ronaldo on Today at 11:29:45 PM »
That's been a stock response for you for a while in here, now. Nice it's finally been afforded to me. Though unfortunately it really, really doesn't make any sense this time.
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