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Football / Re: NUFC transfer rumours in the press
« Last Post by Skeletor on Today at 12:39:55 AM »
Hope he is stronger than he looks because he looks like a twig. After seeing Perez and others knocked off the ball repeatedly at the weekend it is a worry.
Chat / Re: Game of Thrones - The "No Oldtype's club" - S7E06 Oldtypes
« Last Post by Kimbo on Today at 12:27:19 AM »
The show is at it's best when Varys and Littlefinger are playing 4D chess, everyone else in the show is a window licker compared to them. Varys has become pointless(unless he is a mole), and Littlefinger is playing games with children on the sidelines.
Chat / Re: Rick and Morty - S3E03
« Last Post by Si on Today at 12:23:25 AM »
Just watching it again. So many little moments of brilliance. Mortys outburst to Gene over the fence is great. Jerry when Rick is placid on the flight [emoji38]
Football / Re: Mike Ashley is a c***
« Last Post by Scoreboard82 on Today at 12:20:45 AM »
Michael Martin is a right c*** but that article is true in every word.
As was said in that piece, things have been bad in the past but the difference now is that the person running the club isn't even trying to make the club successful.
Game of Thrones: the best show on TV just became the silliest

Good read.

Pretty much sums up my opinions. I did enjoy the last episode but given the richness of the books and previous seasons, all of that character and mythology build up has basically been dropped. They're closing the storyline but not any of the characters individual stories, and in game of thrones, both the books and the previous seasons, the characters are everyting.

They're the interesting ones to be honest I don't really care how it ends, i'm more interested in resolving the characters individual stories. The one good thing about this is that at least the books will still be relevant after the series ends.
Football / Re: NUFC transfer rumours in the press
« Last Post by Ketsbaia on Today at 12:15:40 AM »
Gut feeling says he'll flop here and he'd be a disappointing way to spend our 'limited' funds.
Football / Re: NUFC transfer rumours in the press
« Last Post by BONTEMPI on Today at 12:11:26 AM »
What gives me the impression he'll be pap?
Chat / Re: Terrorist Attacks
« Last Post by Deuce on Today at 12:07:38 AM »
Most people's first reaction is not to run towards a terrorist attack tbh.

Good on him, he and everyone else who acted accordingly should be praised imo.
Football / Re: Rafael Benitez
« Last Post by Parky on Today at 12:02:31 AM »
Before I go full Parky on this it was all Chelsea a couple of weeks ago and how Conte was at war with Abramovich,
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